In every organization approved for IFR English proficiency check the content may vary a bit, however, in 95% it is identical. Therefore, this interactive online course will prepare you for standard exam content and will emphasize the most common mistakes usually made by non-native speakers. In order to make you ready for the written part of the exam, we will train with you the most frequent grammar phenomena. To pass such an exam, you also have to be able to explain in your own words various aviation terms, prove the knowledge of abbreviations and last but not least, you should demonstrate the knowledge of aviation phraseology (in this topic, we will also go through the mistakes that 99% of airline pilots make on daily basis).

So as to prepare you for the oral part of the exam, we will conduct a small talk with you to verify your ability to talk about non-aviation topics and use of general English. Thereafter, only aviation English will be exercised – we will simulate the process of the exam, where you should demonstrate your ability to describe selected Jeppesen chart, decode a specific NOTAM, METAR / TAF and interpret some pilot-to-ATC communication or ATIS message, since the listening is tested as well.

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