The ICAO English exam is organised on behalf of our partner company – SkyOffice flight school. Schedule of the exams is regularly published by SkyOffice, but it is also possible to organise the exam (after mutual agreement) on an individual date. There are two examiners present at the exam – one representing SkyOffice and another one on behalf of TeachMeATPL. Information related to the exam and the ICAO English exam application form may be found on this link.

Exam price: 2500,- CZK or 100,- EUR (incl. VAT)


Note: This is not an online exam! It is a standard face-to-face exam. Based on CAA Certificate, we are not authorized to examine the Czech Air Traffic Controllers and pilots employed by the Czech AOC holders (Czech Air Transporters). We are authorized to examine the Czech private pilots and commericial + airline pilots working for foreign transporters, as well as pilots with the foreign pilot licence, however, in that case the licence issuing authority must give the specific approval.