• How many different kinds of mass do we use in aviation?
  • What do all those abbreviations mean… EM, DOM, OM, ZFM, RM, TOM, LM…?
  • What is the difference between WEIGHT and MASS?
  • What is the centre of gravity and how to calculate its location?
  • What is the mean aerodynamical chord and how is it related to centre of gravity (CG)?
  • How do we determine the mass of passengers?
  • What does the front and aft CG mean?
  • What are the consequences of aircraft overweight?
  • What influences the aircraft CG location and how does it change in-flight?
  • What is the loadsheet?
  • How to work out the loadsheet for general aviation aircraft or for B737NG?

All of these and many more questions will be answered through the interactive online course MASS AND BALANCE, where the instructor will explain it to you and together you will go through more or less difficult exercises that you may encounter in the ATPL Mass and balance exam. Since the course is demonstrative, practical and shows the interrelationships in a real aviation life, we will also show you some interesting videos and will teach you how to fill in the manual loadsheet of Piper28, Cessna C172 and Boeing B737NG.

Should you feel interested in this course, you may contact us through the contact form.